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Pick n Pay is looking for young people who are willing to work and other people who are also loosing for for job , if you are looking for a job you come at a right place , this opportunity is for everyone who is looking for a job, since lockdown many people lost their jobs and some even lost their home due to the lockdown situation now is time for  people to restart over and pick n pay is willing to help those who are looking for jobs and this chance it wont be only for one person but many people willing be hired here at pick n pay.

Pick n Pay is the one of the big store around South Africa since 1967 as a family business with four store in the western cape now the store is all over the country and it have been help people  and hiring people , so since lockdown Pick n Pay was working and now the decided to add more people so that they can reduce work and to also move fast

Pick n Pay is also giving the student opportunity by giving them the internships if you are looking for internship you can also apply here and submit your document this internship is for people who are done with their high education and who want to improve their career , you must be willing to work even over time and also be able to communicate with other people .

if you are looking for part time job you can also apply there is a opportunity for people who are only looking for part time job because we do understand that some student will need part time jobs and also another people who are working but not get paid enough will be also looking for part time

if you are looking for full time job at pick n pay there is also a position that are open you can check the requirement  and apply if you do qualify

here are the requirement of the job

  • grade 10 and above
  • good communication
  • 1 year experience
  • willing to work over time

Apply here now

When you apply check all your document before you submit  for internship APPLY HERE NOW 

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