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Mafoko Security specializes in physical security and electronic security services. These services are provided to a range of clients from Private, Corporate, and Government clients. We design and implement security measures required by the clients, and we also provide a risk analysis. Our technical teams have over 20 years combined technical experience and our teams can design and implement successful electronic security systems. we have operated for over 13 years in the security sector providing an effective and professional service.

Mafoko security company have decided to hire people who have lost their jobs  due to lockdown and people who have been looking for a job for a long time ago this company is looking for security who will be working at university and even at malls and shops this people must be willing to worker on weekend and holidays  ,you must be dedicated and willing to work so hard and even be able to communicate with people because most of the security are bad at communication and they don’t treat people good so if we find out that you don’t talk well with people just consider yourself jobless we must learn to treat people with respect and also this people must know they are job well

If you are interested on security we also offer the training you can come and join us will train you every well and also give you the best security certification and with the lowest  price also long as you have grade 8 and above for 3 months  and after 3 moths there is a high possibility that we can hire you  to work with us

if you are interested you can apply and don’t forget to write your address and email so that we can reply you on time and if you want the training you can contact us here now   

Apply here now 

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