SPAR Jobs Available

Spar is the one of the biggest store around South Africa since the lockdown most of the people they have lost their jobs and some people they have lost their are home and everything is jus a mess and people are really looking for a job and the number of unemployment is every high  because of the lockdown , that is why  spar decided to hire people who are looking for a job so that it can reduce the people of unemployment in south African also they are selling fresh food and basic thing if you want to shop at spar you must come with the mask because if you do not have a mask you wont be able to get inside beside they wont allow you to buy please do not forget to come with mask and always wear a mask

If you are looking for full time job or part time job you can apply for it and join the spar staff and become one of the spar worker, when you apply check your document before you submit the CV  and also when you submit your application check if you have write everything that they want and also check the reequipment and apply if you do qualify  if you don’t   qualify you can check other jobs on  this website

Here are the reequipment of the job

  • grade 8 and above
  • be able to work with people
  • self motivated
  • good communication
  • will to work on weekend

if you do qualify you can apply and when you apply check you CV and  apply  also if you are looking internships you can also apply for it but you must be having level4 or N4o or degree or diploma that is the requirement of the internship don’t apply after the closing date because they wont reply


Apply here now 


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