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Shoprite is the one of the biggest store around South Africa an moat people¬† around they prefer to buy food at Shoprite since the lockdown started most of the people who were working at Shoprite they worked over time due to lack of worker this has make Shoprite to make a decision that since the lockdown is still continue and most of the people will be going there to buy food so they must increase the number of workers that is why shoprite is willing to high more that 100 people around South Africa it doesn’t matter where you come from, if you qualify you can apply for a job

A wide range of store-environment positions are also available in our operations, including food, furniture, financial and cellular retailing. To apply send a WhatsApp message or SMS to 0872405709 and select Job Opportunities or click below.

There are lot of position that are open like if you want to work part time you can also apply for working part time or if you want to work full time you can also apply and start working full time, part time is made of people who are looking for a job while studying or while you are doing something else , so if you are a student and you want a job you can apply a part time job at Shoprite or if you are a student and you want  internship you can also apply for internship is easy you must be done with your high education meaning you must have a degree or diploma or level 4 or N4

This internship will be available and when you apply for it make sure you all the requirement

Here are the requirement of the internship

  • you must have degree or diploma
  • must have level4 or N4
  • Good communication
  • willing to work over time

Here are requirement for the job

  • Grade 8 and above
  • Good communication
  • be able to use computer
  • have 4 months experience

this are the requirement if you do meet the requirement you can apply for the job but if you do no meet the requirement you can just check other jobs on the website

Apply here

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