REF. COGTA (11/06/2021)

SALARY: R208 584.00 – R245 694.00 per annum (Level 6)

Senior Certificate (NQF Level 4) plus 1-2 years relevant work experience.


Knowledge of the Community Development Facilitation and Community participation processes at Municipal level. Understanding of government programmes and projects must be able to interpret government policy to communities, good working relations with the community. Positive attitude towards public. Team building skills, conflict management and interpersonal skills.

Creative thinking and innovative, communication and interpersonal skills: This refers to the ability to communicate effectively and in an understandable way without defeating the purpose of communication.

Cultural Sensitivity: Being able to respect the culture, values and customs of the community, recognising the important role, cultural, historical and social factors play as an integral part of balance development.

Adult educational skills: being able to teach experientially using participatory techniques. Programming and development skills: The ability to plan, manage, implement, monitor and evaluate programmes in a wide array of developmental disciplines such as water supply, agriculture, infrastructure development, health, education, social development, environmental protection, forestry, transport, housing, sports and recreation. Personal Attributes: self-motivation, flexibility and ability to work in a team on participatory projects. Added advantages: Computer literacy, research skills, a valid code 8 (EB) drivers licence.

Disseminate government and other information to community members in a timely and equitable manner. Listen and receive feedback and directing this appropriately to providers. Supervise work teams of volunteers or community members involved in community projects such as those employed on public works programmes.

Assist communities in understanding government programmes, developing and submitting Integrated Development Plans to municipalities and other spheres of government or donors. Coordinate inter-departmental programmes and encourage improved integration. Maintain ongoing and liaison and collaboration with various community-based organisations and other cadres of communitybased workers. Promote the principles of Batho Pele and community participation. Alert communities and other service providers to problems and delays in the delivery of basic services.

Assist in the implementation of government programmes and projects. Liaise and advocate on behalf of communities with government parastatals, NGO and private sector donors, monitor and evaluate the development impact government projects and programmes have on communities and submit a report to the relevant structures of government (local, provincial and national).

Assist local communities in dealing with the HIV/AIDS pandemic by intensifying education and awareness on HIV related matters.

Enquiries can be directed to Ms N. Gemby / Ms Z. Ndumela at 040-940 7074/7077/7078/7075/7071/7080

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